THE LABOUR UNION – Cao Đẳng Lý Tự Trọng
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The Labour Union of Ly Tu Trong College of Ho Chi Minh City was established in 1986. After 35 years of establishment and development, grassroots trade union has been implemented by Ly Tu Trong College of Ho Chi Minh City. well the functions and duties of the CCCS.

Currently, the Communist Party of Ly Tu Trong College of Ho Chi Minh City has 333 employees, 100% are trade union members (fans); The number of female fans is 142.

Leveraging the experience over many terms, the Communist Youth Union of Ly Tu Trong College of Ho Chi Minh City has effectively applied the programs under the direction of the Vietnam Education Union and the City Education Industry Union to achieve results. Extensive results from typical movements and activities:

The representative program protects legitimate rights and interests and cares for the lives of fans in the unit, builds a harmonious and stable labor relationship, and creates motivation to improve the quality and effectiveness of education. and training, serving the country’s industrialization and modernization.

The program to build and improve the professional ethics and professional qualifications of teachers and educational administrators in order to perform the task of innovating, developing and improving the educational quality of students. units and industries.

The program to mobilize employees in the unit to actively participate in emulation movements and large social campaigns, in order to effectively implement the political tasks of the unit and the industry.

In the program of renovating the organization, enhancing the quality of the staff, the trade union always focused on consolidating and stabilizing the trade union system in the unit.

Women's Affairs Committee of Labour Union